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Sweet Agrovet Ltd is one of leading Agri based company in Bangladesh. In the field of agriculture business in Bangladesh Sweet Agrovet comprising Crop Protection Products, Bio products, Micro-Nutrients and Mix fertilizers.Sweet Agrovet, launched in 2008, continues to devote itself by providing our valued customers with exclusive, cutting edge goods. We provide a comprehensive solution for complex problems of various crops. Through applying the latest chemical & biological technology and modern sciences to develop our pesticides & fertilizers formulations to achieve the best utility with minimum costs. We are market focused, Process-centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solution to our customer’s. to implement the quality control standards of the raw materials as well as the finished products through our laboratory which involve a specialized experts, chemicals and modern analysis devices & instruments. We considered the environmental protection measures strictly. Our products are of high quality & effective. We ensure this through our quality control laboratory and by applying state of the art technology. We are covering almost every regional market in Bangladesh. Since its inception, SweetAgrovet has been working for the development of agriculture in Bangladesh.We aim to play supporting role in sustainable development and increase production in Bangladesh’s agriculture.

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Biogold (PGR)
Hexaron 5 EC
Hexaconazole 5%
Typid 20 SL
Imidacloprid 20%
Tyfos 48 EC
Chloropyrifos 48%
Nicosal 4 SC
Nicosulfuran 4%
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Sweet Agrovet Limited

Sweet agrovet Ltd. is continuously working towards bringing revolutionary solutions for Crop Protection to make a lasting change in Bangladesh agriculture Sweet agrovet has an international quality factory in Kalampur, Dhamrai, where all of its products are packaging. Sweet agrovet has established five depots in Bogura,Rajshahi, Barishal, Jessore and Chuadanga to ensure fast delivery of the product in the field. To ensure hassle free continuous delivery we divided whole Bangladesh in three region – East region, South region, and North region.

East Region Covers whole Dhaka, Mymensingh district. Under East region there are four area and twenty territory.

South region covers whole southern part of Bangladesh. South region divided into three division – Rajbari division, Jashore division and Barishal division. Under Jashore division there are three area and twenty-one Territory. Rajbari division consist of two area and fifteen Territory. Barishal division divided into two area and nine territory.

North region covers whole northern part of Bangladesh. North region consists of two division – Rajshahi and Dinajpur. Under Rajshahi division there are six area and thirty-one territory. Dinajpur division consist of two area and fifteen territory.

At a glance to ensure continuous delivery Sweet Agrovet ltd divided whole Bangladesh into three region, seven division, nineteen area and one hundred eleven territory.

Our Global Presence
Sweet Avrovet ltd. always gives the surety of the best quality product. To ensure best quality product in the market we import our bulk of the product from the world renowned sources. Sweet Avrovet ltd. mainly import product from China and India. We also import product from Thailand, Singapore. To maintain international quality we frequently send our employees to abroad (China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan) for training.
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