Product Name: Lysate 41 SL

Common Name: Glyphosate 41%

Product Type: Herbicide

Packaging Type: 100 ml 400 ml 500 ml 1 L 5 L 20 L

Mode Of Action:

Non-Selective, Postemergence. Glyphosate inhibits the EPSP synthesis enzyme, which leads to  depletion  of  key  amino  acids  that  are necessary for protein synthesis and plant growth.

Target Crops:

Tea & Fallow land Weeds


~  Annual/Perennial Weeds,Post-Harvest in Fallow Periods & NonCrop Land,Broad Leaf
~  Very  eective   against  deep  rooted and woody perennials,
annual and biennial
grasses, sedges and
broad leaved weeds

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