Product Name: Tyzeb 80 WP

Common Name: Mancozeb 80%

Product Type: Fungicide

Packaging Type: 100 gm 500 gm 1 kg

Mode Of Action:

Non-systemic, contact with protective action, acts by disrupting lipid metabolism. Belongs from Dithiocarbamate group.

Target Crops:

potato, Tomato, mango, Cucumber, Banana, Water melon Wheat, Groundnut.


 ~ Brown rust & black rust of wheat, Leaf blight & downy mildew of maize, Blast of paddy, Leaf spot of jowar, Early blight & late blight of potato, Late blight, buck eye rot & leaf spot of tomato, Damping o, fruit rot, ripe rot and leaf spot of chilies, Leaf blight of onion, Leaf spot of tapioca, Yellow disease of ginger, Leaf spot of sugar beet, Collar rot of cauliower, Tikka, leaf spot & rust of groundnut, Rust of soybean, Leaf spot of black gram, Scab, sooty blotch, black rot & y speck of Mango, Angular leaf spot, downy mildew & anthracnose of cucumber, Fruit rot of guava, Cigar end rot, tip rot, sigatoka leaf spot of banana, Anthracnose of watermelon.
~  Used for seed treatment in groundnut for the control of collar rot & leaf spot groundnut.

Dosage: 20 gm in 10 lit water

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