Product Name: Typino 45 SC

Common Name: Spinosad 4.5%

Product Type: Pesticide

Packaging Type: 25 ml 50 ml Pet Bottle

Mode Of Action:

Spinosad is a fermented product. It is a contact  insecticide. It also provides long duration control Macrocyclic lactone (Spinosyns) group

Target Crops:

Brinjal, Ladies Finger, Bean, Pulse, Tomato, Mango, Lychee, Vegetables like Pumpkin and others vegetable.


~  Aphid, jassids, shoot & fruit borer in brinjal and girdle beetle and semilooper of soybean

~  It  has  got  the new  mode  of  action  that effectively controls the targeted insects. It is highly safe to natural enemies.

Dosage: 4 ml in 10 Lit water.

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